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Meet CardWallet’s Early Backers: Israeli Blockchain Association

CardWallet — a Cryptocurrency wallet for Cardano, is all set to become a game changer in the wallet industry. A wallet solution that is seamless and easy to use, it aims to create an inclusive space for both crypto native and non-crypto native users. With a plethora of DeFi features, a solution like ours requires serious backers and supporters in the industry.

Our team includes backers and industry-leading advisors who are ready to accelerate our efforts. Be it for their initial financial support, their professional advisory, or sharing their industry proven experience by partnering up with CardWallet, these groups and individuals are instrumental to helping us deliver a stellar product.

So, without further ado, let us take a closer look at one of our backers Israeli Blockchain Association, and how their expertise adds value to the all-around development of CardWallet.

The institutional backer we would like to introduce is the Israeli Blockchain Association(IBA). IBA is a community where one can find a melange of business leaders, policy makers and citizens who come together to share their knowledge and best practices in the blockchain industry.

One of CardWallet’s core missions is to facilitate community engagement in the best way possible. What better way than having one of our partners embody this principle?

Who are they?

Israeli Blockchain Association facilitates business leaders, educators, policy-makers, and citizens in using globally accepted, industry-leading knowledge and practices for blockchain technologies.

What do they do?

Israeli Blockchain Association’s expertise ranges from aiding businesses in the blockchain space by providing help with strategic partnerships and investment decisions to giving access to top Israeli blockchain professionals for consultancy and collaborations.

Here is a closer look at a few popular verticals of the Israeli Blockchain Association:

  • The Business Vertical:
  1. They find and develop partnerships with Tier-1 corporations and bodies.
  2. They have a comprehensive scouting and consulting process that helps make well-informed decisions.
  3. They can provide developers and experts to work on your Blockchain projects.
  • IBA Experts:
  1. They provide access to the top Israeli blockchain professionals for consultancy and collaborations
  2. Information on cutting edge research in the space of Blockchain.
  3. Highly qualified speakers can be provided for conferences or corporate events.
  • Community:
  1. Access to attend the association’s professional blockchain events, round tables and meetups.
  2. Frequent updates on the latest news as well as opportunities to get involved through the Israeli Blockchain Association Newsletter.

Israeli Blockchain Association has several international ambassadors from all over the globe, right from business gurus to technology experts. This gives us, CardWallet, to collaborate and build a community at a global level, leveraging the community at the IBA.

Their huge focus on community and access to blockchain professionals is bound to add value to our existing ecosystem. Apart from the fact that Israel has some of the most advanced ongoing research in cutting-edge technologies, diversifying our investor and partner profiles gives us the ability to tap into international markets with a lot of ease.

Our hearts are filled with gratitude for all the faith that our early backers have shown in us and for all the support shown to us by the amazing community and. We are exhilarated to be building this life-changing product and hope to share more updates with our community soon!

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