Preventive Healthcare Packages for Delhi-based NRIs’ Parents

Undoubtedly senior citizens comprises if not major but marginal size of our population, with this fact another concerning subject that comes in to the picture is that this population somewhere is a snag in terms of economy and advancement. As, they are economically either dependent or constraint. With age comes a fear of flaring up, to safeguard one’s elders from any ailment is everyone’s desire. But since old people are prone to diseases and private hospital facilities are obscenely high and at times becomes infeasible to keep a track of their health, it is a subject of worry. It turns into a snowball if one is not near to his/her parent in such distress time. However, for such children who are million miles away, here is a news that would take the burden off your chest.

Preventive health care checkups for elders is the new mode to make sure healthy aging, especially of those living in Delhi-NCR. The biggest advantage of selecting such healthcare facility in Delhi is that you can review, request, and pay for any diagnostic tests online. Here are the most common check-ups that every person in particular of those age above 35 years must go through. They are though not only commonly discussed but are typical among the aging/elderly people-cardiac check-ups and cancer screening tests.

Cardiac checkups to prevent attacks and strokes

The tell-tale signs for concerning heart condition can be family history, smoking, drinking, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, high-fact diet and some other case-specific symptoms. If your parents are suffering from any of these symptoms, then you should encourage them to have routine, cardiac checkups. The advantage of such healthcare packages is that everything is either a click away or a phone call away. Under CareBuddy Health’s package the patient and his/her family is provided with the numbers which come handy at times of despair. Even for regular check-ups the patient can enjoy the service of doctor on call. Heart problems are impetuous therefore once diagnosed with it, it is imperative for the family and the patient to go for regular check-ups. On such instances to make the things simpler and ease out the encumbrance samples for tests, manifesting the diagnosis and consultation each time with the doctor is all taken care by the team-Carebuddy. Therefore, preventive healthcare packages from CareBuddy is a bundle of relief and care for your parents and you. Buy it so that your parents stay fit and live their life king size after years of hard work.

Cancer- early screening can save lives

The most dreadful situation is when Cancer permeates into a happy family. Undoubtedly, people are to the hilt dejected, hearing the word ‘Cancer’. But if diagnosed at early stage one can recover easily and with regular medicines stay fit. Therefore, even if there is slight signs one must undergo through check-up like mammogram, pap smear, fecal blood test and other related diagnostics.

Such check-ups are widely done in the known healthcare network hospitals across Delhi-NCR. But in order to evade and keep a tab on you health it is always advisable to go for full-body check-ups atleast once a year. CareBuddy does provide with the package which includes full-body check-up. We must not forget that Prevention is better than cure.

Benefits of large hospital networks

CareBuddy is in association with network hospitals so that the patients registered with CareBuddy can reap the benefits of such hospitals irrespective of their location. The biggest privilege of selecting a large hospital network is being able to arrange treatment from home! If you want to help out your parents with preventive health-care package costs from afar, CareBuddy will play supportive in this case as:

  • They would suggest the hospital based on your parents’ home location and commuting distance.
  • Fixing an appointment with specialized doctors or contacting the doctor on behalf of your parents are one of the services of CareBuddy.
  • With network hospitals and CareBuddy your case history is readily available, based on which treatment can be tracked and right treatment can be given on time or prescribed.

This way, you are not only helping your parents financially, you are also making them feel you are actually around in times of emergency. You can proactively participate in your parents’ preventive health-care checkup in Delhi by consulting with them or talking to CareBuddy, or logging on to the website where the case file of your parents will be available for your reference.

In the old age it is not your presents but your presence that matter to your parents. But they know if they have given you wings they need to let you fly and while you are away it is your duty to also keep an eye on your parents. Let CareBuddy be your eye whilst you watch the sight of happy and healthy parents even when away.

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