It’s time to talk about care unveils the #WhoCares photography exhibit at Aspen Spotlight Health 2017, celebrating the caregivers who power our economy.

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It’s time to talk about care.

A growing workforce. Changing demographics. Aging populations. In this new landscape, family care has become one of the most pressing issues of our time. This week, as kicks off its sponsorship of Aspen Spotlight Health 2017, June 22–25, we invite you to join us and our partners — AARP, Dignity Health, and Infor — to start the conversation about the new care economy.

What drives the economy isn’t made, shipped, or traded. It’s care.

Caregivers like these are critical to our families and economy. We hope you’ll share your own care journey with the hashtag #WhoCares, and take action in your community to help us change the way we think about caregiving.

Next Steps: How You Can Help is a proud sponsor of Aspen Spotlight Health 2017. Visit our booth at The Grove or follow @CareDotCom on Twitter for live updates from the conference.

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