Carebit prepares to go to Guatamala

The team will open a food stall for the staff that is working locally

We have just spoken with our ground staff near Guatemala who will be preparing food for Guatemala victims. Carebit will arrange a food stall on site. All the preparations will be done next week and the visit to site will be arranged on 2nd July. I will be sending them funds over the weekend for collecting food items. All our staff will work voluntarily and we will only have to pay the commuting which the founder will pay from his own pocket, and all the btc donations collected will go towards buying food items.

If someone has not donated yet, please do so on the below address. we really need to help these people as the amount of btc raised is not a lot. we will provide photographic evidences with our Carebit team on site and will provide receipts as well, which will be uploaded to our tracking tool ( which will be ready by then)

BTC donation Address

Also, Once the tracking tool is ready, our first project on it will be to raise Care coins for Guatemala, to buy medicine. An invoice will be provided to show how much Care need to be collected, and a receipt as well when the medicines have been bought. Tracking tool dashboard will then show all the details for users who donate to the cause and the photographic evidence.

Thank you

Carebit Team

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