“How will you justify low CGPA during Interview”

Background story- I am reposting my answer to “How will you justify low CGPA during Interview”. It has been appreciated by around 2k Quorans.

This answer is inspired from the response of co-owner of this blog- Rohit in the interview of a MNC.

He was jobless for almost a year in Bangalore prior to his selection in that MNC. Later, he preferred to join a wonderful startup-BigStylist as a Python Developer.

Situation- Off campus drive of a MNC in Bangalore

Interviewer- Why should I hire you after seeing your low CGPA?

Candidate- My CGPA is just 6.02/10 and I am sure that it is less than 85–90% of the people who came for this drive.

(Pauses for 2 sec and makes eye contact with the interviewer)

Candidate-There must be more than 5000 people who wrote the written test for this opening. Almost 1000–1200 were called today for further rounds after clearing written test.

Out of 1200, almost 900 were eliminated after the Group Discussion.

Then top 300 went for Technical Interview and just 90 were selected in Technical Interview for the HR Round.

Even with the baggage of poor CGPA, I did better than 98% of the interested candidates. I wish that if I am suitable for the job, my CGPA shouldn’t affect your decision. ..however, that’s my opinion. You’re the best judge.

May the best candidates get the job…

Interviewer- Impressive!

Result- Selected

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