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Top 10 Diploma Courses in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have revolutionised technology and made it possible for humans to have genuine communication with machines. The main objective of artificial intelligence is to make computers more independent with reasoning. Machine learning is one of the subsets of artificial intelligence that incorporates neural networks, operational research, and statistics to extract hidden data insights without explicit programming. The ideology behind studying the field is to allow machines to learn and adapt to human behaviour through experience.

Working in these sectors demands strong skills in advanced technologies. According to a report by Gartner, Artificial Intelligence or AI is expected to create 2.3 million job opportunities by the end of 2020.

So, how do you capitalise on this fantastic opportunity? By taking up a professional ML and AI course. Thanks to the growing popularity of these two disruptive technologies, many institutions have stepped forward to include ML and AI training programs in their course offerings.

Here is a list of the top 10 artificial intelligence and machine learning courses.

Best Diploma Course in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The list below should give you an idea of where you stand in your career and choose one that best fits your career goals. The diploma courses are listed in no particular order so analyse them closely before you make a decision:

1. Advanced Programme in Artificial Intelligence-powered marketing, IIM Calcutta

The part-time online program is exclusively designed for business executives working in digital marketing, customer acquisition, revenue, and other fields. The duration of the course is six months.

Fees: INR 3.45 lakhs + GST and INR 24,000+ GST (for campus visit)

Syllabus: The program offers comprehensive coverage of data-driven market decisions, fundamentals of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning (AIML), applications of AIML in marketing, using AIML for digital and social media marketing, and future-based marketing.

Batch commencement: October 2021.

2. Post Graduate Program in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, BITS Pilani

The online post-graduation program is tailor-made to help working professionals gain knowledge in AI and Machine learning. The duration of the program is 11 months.

Fees: INR 2.45 lakhs

Syllabus: The program covers fundamental concepts that involve using data science to solve business problems and technological aspects of AI and machine learning. The curriculum includes two days of an immersion program during which the candidates can visit the BITS Pilani campus to interact with the faculty and fellow students.

Admission Date: August 2021

3. Executive PG Programme in Machine Learning & AI, IIT Bangalore in association with upGrad

The online PG program is designed for working professionals, and the duration is 12 months. Candidates with a bachelor’s degree (50% marks) in Mathematics or Statistics and a minimum of 1-year working experience are eligible to apply for this program.

Fees: INR 2.99 lakhs (taxes included)

Syllabus: The program covers 20 programming tools used in AI & machine learning, over 450 hours of in-class lectures from experts in the IITB and the industry. The program offers online training in deep learning, NLP, Reinforcement learning that is highly in demand. The candidates work on more than 30 industry case studies and assignments.


  • Candidates have access to 1:1 interaction with industry experts
  • They stand to earn the IIT Bangalore Alumni status.
  • It offers jobs opportunities at leading companies, having a tie-up with over 300 hiring partners.
  • Students can pursue peer-learning opportunities given the access to a learner base of 40,000+ students include IITB alumni’s global network.

Batch Commencement: July 31, 2021

4. Advanced Certificate Programme in Machine Learning & NLP, IIT Bangalore powered by upGrad

This online certificate program is developed to enhance the career in Machine learning with efficient mentorship from the experts in the industry. The program also offers 360-degree placement assistance. It is a universally recognised advanced certificate program in Machine learning and NLP.

Fees: INR 99,000 (for Indian residents)

Syllabus: The program offers seven industry projects and over 250 hours of sessions from the best faculty and industry experts.


  • 1:1 mentorship from leading industry experts.
  • 360° placement support from upGrad.
  • Highly coveted certification from IIT Bangalore on completion of the course.
  • Opportunities to network with ML professionals from a wide range of industries.

Batch commencement: August 31, 2021, and preparatory sessions commence from June 30, 2021.

5. MCA in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The MCA course in AI & ML is designed to provide both theoretical and practical knowledge. The curriculum is designed by renowned experts who carry years of experience in the field and possess competent industry knowledge. The duration of the program is two years.

Fees: INR 64,000

Syllabus: The curriculum is industry-related, which is at par with the world’s reputed universities. It comprises more than 70 open electives and a Choice-based Credit System. The candidates are given insights into advanced technologies in ML and AI, NLP, advanced mobile app development, and Data Analytics & Business Intelligence.

Admission Date: December- May 2021 (Phase 1) & June-October 2021 (Phase 2)

6. Full Stack Machine learning and AI Program by Jigsaw Academy

This part-time online program is designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience with a strong foundation. The duration of the course is six months.

Fees: INR 25,000 + GST

Syllabus: The program covers Python, Keros, Tensorflow with a compulsory capstone project (more than three months). The curriculum has several inputs from the industry experts with practical coding and industry projects.

Batch commencement: July 2021

7. Post Graduate Diploma in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, DIT University

The PG diploma program offers extensive coursework and a series of industry-relevant projects to transform graduates into professionals. The duration of the course is 11 months.

Fees: INR 1,10,000

Syllabus: 600 hours of course work with industry projects, interactive sessions with PhD faculty.

Admission Date: July 2021

8. Advanced Certification Program in AI and Machine Learning, IIT Hyderabad and Talent Spirit

This is a comprehensive online certification program with a duration of 6 months. The program is designed to help working professionals hone their AI skills. The program is a collaboration between best-in-class faculties and industry experts.

Fees: INR 2 Lakhs

Syllabus: The program covers problem formulation and solving, AIML algorithms, industry hacks, and deep learning with industry projects.

Batch Commencement: September 2021.

9. Applied AI and Machine Learning Specialization, Analytixlabs

This specialisation program has a duration of 6 months and is enables beginners to build a strong foundation in AI and ML.

Fees: INR 48,000 + taxes

Syllabus: The curriculum covers data extraction, wrangling, deep learning techniques involved in AI applications, statistical concepts, supervised and unsupervised machine learning.

Batch commencement: July 2021

10. Post Graduate Diploma in Machine learning and AI, Amity University

This post-graduate diploma program has a curriculum designed by the giants in the industry and academia. The duration of the program is 12 months.

Fees: INR 1,55,000

Syllabus: The program has over 400 learning hours and covers machine learning, reinforcement learning, and deep learning. The candidates also need to work on a capstone project.

Batch commencement: July 8, 2021.

Kickstart your journey to the top today!

Whether you are a fresher or working professional, you will find a host of Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence programs to hit the next goal in your career. So keep striving to upskill yourself and get one step closer to landing the job of your dreams.

If you’d like any assistance in this regard, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.



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