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Deciding What Matters with Bruce Daisley- Career Relaunch podcast episode 26

What have you spent your time chasing in your career? Fancy titles? The role of CEO? The opportunity to say you manage a huge team of X people? Have you ever stopped to think about why those things matter to you so much? What drives you to focus on that goal?

In this 1-year anniversary episode of Career Relaunch, Bruce Daisley, Vice President of Twitter, EMEA shares his insights on drivers of happiness in the workplace and the motivations behind his own career shifts from Google & YouTube to Twitter. In the Mental Fuel® segment, I’ll explain how focusing on the wrong driver of happiness initially led me astray in my own career and the realization I had that got me back on track.


Key Career Insights

  1. Job titles and material possessions may create short term bursts of happiness, but they don’t lead to true, long term happiness.
  2. What creates happiness at work is not what people give you, but rather, what you accomplish.
  3. Happiness is a direct output of what you pay attention to. So pay attention to those things that are truly important.

Tweetables to Share

Happiness is driven not by what you get, but what you’ve accomplished.— Bruce Daisley, Tweet This

Clarify WHY your goal matters so much to you.— Joseph Liu, Tweet This

Related Resources

  • Bruce’s LinkedIn article entitled Can We be Happier at Work gives a snapshot of the conversations on his podcast Eat Sleep Work Repeat.
  • Richard Reeves, author of Happy Mondays, talks about importance of having good friends in the workplace, a topic Bruce covered in the Friends & Flow Episode 1 of his Eat Sleep Work Repeat podcast. Also, this article in Harvard Business Review on Forming Stronger Bonds with People at Work is a very useful read if you’re looking for ways to build stronger work relationships.
  • Bruce alluded to:
  • Emma Seppala at Stanford University, who writes for the Harvard Business Review and describes how more people are feeling lonely in the workplace.
  • Lucy Kellaway, former management columnist for the Financial Times has now become a math teacher.
  • Alex “Sandy” Pentland of MIT found most creative environments are those that have high levels of short bursts of chat.
  • British economist Baron Richard Layard and Crowdwish founder Bill Griffin focused on micro-happiness when talking about The Smoothie Delusion.
  • Daniel Kahneman said beware the attention illusion. Nothing is as important as it seems when you’re paying attention to it. So pay attention to more important things.
  • Tony Schwartz– The energy project. His campaign is called “Take Back Your Lunch.”
  • Paul Dolan said happiness is the direct result of what you pay attention to.
  • Martin Morales left his life in the music industry to open the restaurant he always dreamed of.
  • Lisa Unwin set up She’s Back to empower women’s return to work after having children.
  • Benjamin Disraeli quote: “Man is only truly great when he acts from the passions.”

Listener Challenge

During this episode’s Mental Fuel® segment, I talked about identifying one of your career goals and writing down WHY it’s so important to you. Is that STILL important to you? If not, consider focusing on something else that’s more important to you.


About Bruce Daisley, Vice President EMEA, Twitter

Bruce Daisley is the EMEA Vice President of Twitter. He joined the company in 2012 having previously ran Google’s display business. At Google Bruce had responsibility for YouTube and display advertising. He has also worked at Emap/Bauer and Capital Radio.

Previously, New Media Age recognised Bruce as having made the Greatest Individual Contribution to new media in the UK. In 2015, he was voted Individual of the Year in The Drum’s Social Media rankings. He is a digital advisor to Comic Relief, and is a judge in the Design Effectiveness Awards. Bruce regularly speaks on the evolution of work culture and runs a podcast “Eat Sleep Work Repeat” on the subject. The podcast has featured in the iTunes top business podcasts since its launch at the start of 2017. Follow Bruce on Twitter.

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Originally published at on September 21, 2017.



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