Frightening Transition.

Well, I resigned from a designation of an IB Teacher from an amazing school which in three years gave me strength, Intelligence and confidence to go out there and explore.

Last year vaguely at the same time I had the same thoughts but I couldn’t get myself to risk everything for something I don’t even know if is there or not. I have an amazing life here frankly, loving family, great students, some fun activities, friends, mentors pushing me to challenge my own limits everyday. So why give it all up is the question that use to come to my mind. I couldn’t get the answer last year but now I know the answer for that quest for me. I need to know If I am capable of swimming or I will just drown.

Being a girl coming from a family where they can give me the basic necessity gives me the leverage to take this step. I know, not everyone around has that luxury but I am lost in a jungle for sure, knowing nothing about survival.

I don’t know where this path is going to lead and one year down the line, if I am going to regret my discussion or connect the dots for better but I know that the learning curve is going to get steep and I am going to put all that I have in this.

Have a Good day People!