Should I leave my job or change my approach to work?

As a career coach, people frequently ask me how they can determine if it’s time to get a new job/career or time to change how they approach work.

This decision can be complicated, but I like to start exploring this question by asking —

How do you feel on a daily basis at work?

If you use words like depleted, bored, monotonous, cashed out, disinterested, unfulfilled, etc. you are likely in a position that is not aligned for you.

It’s time to start exploring a new position/career and plan your exit strategy. Changing your work habits, or even your work environment, is not going to make you suddenly feel connected and interested in your role and tasks. You are in the wrong job.

If you use words like overwhelmed, frantic, exhausted, stressed out, irritated, etc. your job dissatisfaction is likely a result of either your work patterns or work environment.

I always encourage clients to first look at their work patterns.

  • Are you saying yes to too many tasks?
  • Are you terrified of failing?
  • Are you being a perfectionist about your work and success?

If you answered yes to these questions, your dissatisfaction will likely not be fixed in a new job. You will take your frantic patterns with you and recreate the same dissatisfaction elsewhere. You need to find a coach or therapist to help you let go of your anxiety driven patterns and create work habits that will serve you throughout your workday.

If you answered no to these questions, yet feel frantic, stressed and overwhelmed daily, it’s likely that the work environment at your job doesn’t match with your working style. Finding a new job would benefit you. But be sure to first get clear about what kind of work environment you need to flourish.

Not liking your work is no joke. It can not only make your workdays feel exhausting, but can make your entire life feel dulled. Take the time to figure out what you need. You deserve to like your career and your LIFE.

Erin Foley is a professional speaker and career coach. She spends her days helping women work through the barriers that keep them from building deeply fulfilling careers and LIVES. For more information visit