Switch Careers Today: 5 To-Do’s for Transitioning Into Tech

Maya Brooks
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2 min readJul 29, 2017


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I never thought tech was for me. Before last year, I barely even knew how to change my WiFi name and password. Tech was this alternate universe where people much cooler than me broke the internet daily with their shiny new Mac computers, while simultaneously drinking a beer. Then in August of 2016, fueled by the excitement of an entrepreneurial idea and 2 cans of redbull, I decided to sign up for my first coding class — and LOVED it. Suddenly, a career in tech started to become something much more tangible. Here are 5 things you can do to prepare for the transition.

  1. Attend a Meetup Event.

The Tech world has a much more open community than you might think, especially in major cities like New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Denver, Boston, Austin, and more! You’ll be surprised to know how many people are total beginners just like you!

Check out meetup.com to find tech related events in your area (many of which are free)!

2. Subscribe to a Tech Podcast

To transition into any new industry, you need to do your research. Find out what people working in tech are thinking about and HOW they’re thinking about it. What excites people? What excites you? Are you interested in artificial intelligence? Design? User psychology? This will help you find the tech niche you might be interested in.

3. Take A Class.

Now that you’ve found something you’re semi-interested in, it’s time to dive in by taking a class! There are tons of FREE resources out there if you’re interested in taking a tech class. Udemy, CodeAcademy, and freeCodeCamp are some good places to start if you’re interested in online learning for free or dive into an in-person learning academy like General Assembly to attend free and paid classes.

4. Build Something.

Time to put those skills to use! The only way to keep learning is to keep doing! Start building some small projects to show off your skills. If you’re interested in UX/UI Design, start creating some prototypes by redesigning apps that already exist or exploring your own unique ideas! Create your own website! Build a simple game from scratch! As you go along, you can add these items to your portfolio to show to potential employers and to share with online coding communities.

5. Share Your Story.

Help other people make the leap like you have by writing about your experiences! Whether you document each step in a blog, vlog, or write articles like this one on Medium, it’ll help you keep track of your progress and help others learn from your successes and failures. You’ll also increase your online presence as a voice in the tech community and put yourself on the radar for potential employers!



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