When It’s Time to Jump Ship

There comes a time in your life when you realize that the path you’re on is not your own. When you realize you’ve been fulfilling someone else’s agenda rather than your own. When your career no longer brings you the level of satisfaction that it once did, and your soul begins withering away. You look around and ask yourself “How on Earth did I get here?”

You thought you were doing everything right. You worked hard, delivered quality work, got promoted. A high-value employee that gets things done quickly and effectively. You sought to be the best at what you do, and your contributions have paid off in many ways.

But then you hit a point in your career when you realize that the next rung in the ladder isn’t going to bring you what you want. It doesn’t have the same zest and appeal it once did. It looks different not because IT changed, but because YOU changed. Because you have evolved to another level of consciousness.

You didn’t realize it at the time, but your entire life’s trajectory up until this point has been guided by a set of rules and beliefs that you accepted as Truth. You didn’t doubt them. You didn’t question them. You didn’t even realize you had agreed to them.

Every step in your career, every major decision was made in accordance with these rules and beliefs. They guided your thought process and how you weighed your options. They helped you construct an idea of where you wanted your career to go and how you would get there.

And they served their purpose. They helped you achieve a certain level of success within that framework. You excelled and contributed and caught a glimpse of your true genius.

But eventually you a reach a point where you feel that there’s something more. That you’re destined for a much higher purpose. And that you’ve only scratched the surface of what you’re meant to accomplish.

And you realize that taking the next step forward means turning the whole thing upside down, and rewriting your Rulebook of Life. It means leaving behind everyone else’s definition of “SUCCESS” and creating your own.

You are a pioneer of sorts. An explorer who boldly seeks to explore new territory, venturing into an area that most others don’t dare to enter. You have a deep hunger for knowledge and wisdom and connection. You want to experience the full spectrum of life, not the narrow sliver that society expects you to conform to.

And so you stand on the edge of a ship lost at sea, a ship you’ve been on for as long as you can remember. You see an island off in the distance, you hear it calling your name. Something in your soul draws you to it.

To pursue it means jumping ship and leaving behind the perceived comfort and security of your ship. It means leaving behind the familiar for the unknown — a sturdy ship for the dark, choppy waters. It means taking a leap of faith to go after what you truly desire, even if it means letting go of the comfort you already have.

It’s an uncertain path, but something tells you that you must go. You know what life on the ship holds for you — more of the same. More monotony. More drudgery. Deep down your soul is calling you to step forward and claim your destiny. To take a bold stance in the face of fear.

Nervously you approach the edge of the ship. You know what this decision means. You know that this one decision will change the entire trajectory of your life, and that things will never be the same. You breathe in the cool, salty air and remember that all you ever have in life is this very moment.

As you gather every ounce of strength and courage, standing face-to-face with your destiny, you feel more alive than ever before. Your heart races. Your eyes widen. A surge of energy courses through your body and in that very moment you think “This is what it truly means to be alive.”

Finally, the moment of truth arrives. The time has come for you step forward and accept the mission you have been given. Not knowing exactly what it will bring, you trust that your soul is guiding you in the right direction, and leave the rest up to a higher power.

“This is it,” you tell yourself. “It’s now or never.” You take one final step forward. Look over the edge. And leap head-first into a sea of possibility.