You’re Not Communication Effectively — Here’s Why!

Communication. It’s not just significant in romantic relationships, it’s also important in business relationships between your employees as well as your customers. However, it’s key to mention that communication isn’t just about what you say and how it’s said. Communication is equally about listening to what others are saying. How can you make sure that your communication game is really strong? Here are some pointers.

There are simple mistakes you should avoid like not “mangling a client’s company name,” or asking, “what does your company do,” are just a two examples from ‘5 Things You Should Never Say To A Client,’ as that makes you look really unprofessional and unprepared. By just taking a few moments of your time before your interaction with your client to practice their name, their business’ name and spelling, as well as some key facts about their company will really resonate with your client and show your professionalism.

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