It’s Not a Job Hunt, It’s a Campaign!

A great career needs a great launch.

Isaac Morehouse
Jul 16 · 7 min read
*This may or may not be Iowa. (Photo by Jennifer Bedoya)

We begin in Iowa

There’s a young guy working in a coffee shop in Iowa right now who wants more. He has no idea his skills are valued at a great company in Austin.

We’re still new to the info age when it comes to jobs

People are getting better at sharing information on the dating market, the social market, the charity market, and the entertainment market. There are dating apps where you share who you are to find a match, social media where you can find and make new friends, crowdfunding campaigns to share your favorite causes, and content ratings, reviews, and discussions around your favorite books and shows.

A black box

Remember in school, when you’d write a paper no one will ever see, submit it to a single authority figure, then wait in suspense for it to come back with a grade? That’s what the job application process is like, except with less feedback.

The best jobs come to you from someone you know! (Source: Quartz)

What if you opened it up?

Showing your skills, interests, and abilities in an open way, sharing with your network, tapping their dispersed connections, and treating your career launch as a campaign or event changes the game entirely.

What if career launches were more like product launches?

Product creators have learned how to navigate this networked world. New products (books, movies, software, causes) gear up for launch day, rally their supporters, create landing pages, and broadcast to every platform they can so the world knows what they’re about and interested customers will hear about it and come to them.

It’s not as hard as you think

And way better return on investment than blasting tons of resumes.

The big opportunities

The thing you need on the job market is some kind of signal — a packet of information someone can quickly digest and get an idea where you’re a fit — and a way to get that signal in front of the right opportunities.

Don’t trust me, watch me prove it.

Opportunity #1: Be your own credential

Credentials are signals. But they’re declining in value. They’re generic and ubiquitous.

This guy gets it!

Opportunity #2: Broadcast your signal

Signals get lost in the noise. Rather than shooting resumes into application systems, you can share your skills with the world and rally your network around your job hunt. Harness the power of dispersed information.

Taking the next leap in networked careers

LinkedIn was a big leap at the dawn of the networked age. One of their insights was that the best talent is usually (kinda happily) already working somewhere and unable to go send around resumes.

Bringing the job hunt out from the shadows

What if you could scream, “Here’s who I am! Here’s what I want! Here’s what I can do for you! Who do you know that I should talk to?”

Job tenure by age and birth cohorts  since 1930s
Job tenure by age and birth cohorts  since 1930s

Make the job hunt an event

Build and broadcast your signal out in the open. Unlock the power of your network to source jobs you won’t find on jobs boards. Crowdsource coaching, advice, and insight on your job hunt.

Back to Iowa…

That kid at the coffee shop in Iowa can,

  • Make his career launch an event and rally his network for support.
  • Broadcast his signal to the world.
  • Get a friend of a friend to see and pass it on to a startup in Austin looking for young talent.
  • Get an email from an amazing company he never knew existed offering him an interview for a role he didn’t even know he’d love.


We’re here for those who want to launch a career the right way — their own way. #CareerLaunch stories, tips, and more.

Isaac Morehouse

Written by

CEO of, founder of Praxis.


We’re here for those who want to launch a career the right way — their own way. #CareerLaunch stories, tips, and more.

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