The Rise Of The Voicemail Job Interview: Thoughts From An Expert Career Coach

A growing trend in the human capital and HR space is the utilization of voicemail interviews. More and more, employers are turning to automating initial phone screening processes to save time and cut man power costs.

And while there are numerous benefits to automating any process, there are a handful of consequences to the automated job interview that come up, stand-outs being the lack of real-time feedback for candidates and the inability to ask questions during the interview (a key factor in a lot of hiring decisions).

“I have seen this come up more frequently in interviews,” says Gina Curtis, Executive Recruiting Manager and Trainer/Coach at JMJ Phillip Group. “Hiring managers are busy and automating the initial screening is a way for them to make the hiring process quicker and not spend all of their time on phone screens.”

And while the task of facing an automated phone screen, with the lack of feedback and one-chance feeling, can be intimidating, Gina has come up with a few timeless tips that can ease the stress of an automated interview.

  • Don’t get discouraged. You are in the same boat as the other applicants. Don’t let this deter you from the job and approach it like you would any other interview.
  • Once you get the details from the recruiter, start practicing. It may be a video you submit or a voicemail. Practice recording yourself and listen to what you sound like. If it is a video test the lighting, look at your body language, test the sound.
  • Practice your elevator pitch-Most likely they are going to have you talk about yourself. Be prepared to speak about your experience, your successes, and why you are interested in the position.
  • If things go wrong during the interview message keep moving forward. Do not give up and end the call. If you were on the phone with someone you would never just hang up so treat it the same way.
  • Keep your answers concise. It can be more difficult when someone is not on the other end of the line to find a natural stopping point. Remember to keep answers under 3 minutes long so you do not lose their attention when they are reviewing your message.
  • Try and smile and sound upbeat. Just like on a phone interview this will shine through!

Have a phone screen or job interview coming up and are still feeling a little bit intimidated? Consider hiring a Career Coach (like Gina!) or sign up for a single Interview Coaching Session from a top career services brand to get your prepared and ready.