All that’s wrong with going to and graduating from college and university.

College / university education costs a lot of money, time and effort.

That’s, of course, a no-brainer.

So seeing firsthand how much it takes to become a graduate I decided to list all that’s wrong with going to and graduating from college and university nowadays.

1. College / university education today is all about specialization.

Young people who never had a chance to work in their chosen professions first invest a huge chunk of their youth to get a degree. Then it’s time to see what it’s really like to be a lawyer/ teacher/ journalist/ etc. Almost nobody tries to reverse this order. And that’s “fascinating”, to put it mildly.

2. College / university degree is something most people think they need to get a job nowadays.

It’s a lie the society itself perpetuates! The result: we as a society are preoccupied with a production of college / university graduates at scale only because the society bought into this ludicrous idea that you’re a more valuable candidate when you have a college degree. And parents and teachers help to validate this pattern of behavior by telling young people how freaking important it is that they get this degree (for getting a job!). We’ve reached a point where it’s like “Get this degree or else your life will suck.”

3. College / university degree is a metric other people use to gauge our success in life.

Basically what it means is that in this world ‘success’ is all about others telling you what you need to do to be “successful” and then assessing your effort.

4. College / university education is something young people choose not knowing exactly why.

Few understand its real purpose and go there for reasons other than just pleasing their parents (other adults) or getting a good, well-paying job because that’s what’s others do, too.

5. College / university degree is something young people from “good” families should have.

Otherwise all sorts of significant adults will become upset. It’s like they’re quietly forced to go to college. They’re not being forced by being blackmailed by those adults (although more often than not that’s exactly what happens) but the general expectation is that they’ll graduate from college / university. They know that practically speaking there’s no other alternative. Just try not to go to college or try to mention something about “dropping out” and see how this will work out for you!

6. College / university degree imposes upon young people a specific path and limits their choices.

They should be on that path. They’re supposed to. They think they should work in their field of “expertise”. How does it even look like when an ‘investment banker’ doesn’t work in a bank, or a young lawyer doesn’t work in a law firm? It’s a headache many young people (and their parents) experience. “Oh, it’s so depressing. So many young people can’t get jobs in their areas of expertise.” They are being fooled that they absolutely should pursue the career that was determined by their college major. And most importantly, those young people tell themselves this lie, too.

7. Because college / university education is such a big investment (of money, time and effort) people think they need to stick to what they’ve majored in.

It’s like they’ve reached a point of no return. Whether they like it or not, they know it will be a massive waste if they decide to choose a different path after graduating. Everyone thinks only about those past 4 or 5 years, whereas almost nobody thinks about those 60 years ahead. That’s how much we don’t like losing what we’ve already got.

8. College / university degree gives young people a label that will stick with them their whole lives.

All sorts of people will look at them and see a lawyer/ doctor/ investment banker/ real estate or insurance agent/ teacher/ professor/ engineer/ nurse/ etc. Not Katie, not John, not Barbara, not Paul. Once they were Katie, John, Barbara and Paul. They’re not anymore. They’re expected to wear all those labels. People will be glad to see that they’re staying on the path that matches their labels. They will be upset and sorry if this consistency is lacking.

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