‘All those bills’ bullshit

Bills won’t pay themselves. We all know it.

We need money to pay them and thus a way to obtain this money.

We hear ourselves and other people say constantly “Oh, there are all those bills to pay…” or “How can you not want this fat pay check when there are all those bills to pay?”

But truly, how many of us ever question these statements?

How many of us go through our bills and spending on a regular basis and ask:

“Is it really that important that we have cable TV? Can we go without it (for a while)?”

“How much does it cost us to own a car (or two, three cars!) annually? Is there a cheaper (and better?) alternative? In what percentage are those cars being used?”

“When was the last time I asked the bank/ service company to lower the fees?”

“How can we lower our bills? Could we use less water/ electricity? What if we came up with 10 ideas that would allow us to lower those bills?”

“When was the last time I tried to negotiate a fee?”

“How much does it cost us to own this house? Could we move to a cheaper one? Why not? Under what condition would the move be possible?”

“Do I need to keep all those subscriptions?”

“Do I need an office? Could I use someone’s office space for a lower fee (for a while)?”

“When was the last time I shopped around for a service (internet/ phone/ etc.)?”

“Could we get water/ electricity/ gasoline cheaper?”

“Where could we buy groceries cheaper?”

“What are the things we could cut back on today? Eating out? Wine? Entertainment? Clothes? Coffee? Sweets?”

“Who is ripping us off (interests on credit card/ fees for services we never use)?”

“Could our vacations be less expensive? Could we think of ways to visit all those places but cheaper?”

“What are the things I could do remotely thus eliminating the need to drive long distances repeatedly?”

“Could I save on purchases? How? How often (if at all!) do I ask for a better deal on things?”

Most people would be amazed by the number of ways they can use to immediately lower their monthly spending.

So the whole ‘all those bills’ drama is nothing but yet another myth the society sold us on.

The bills don’t pay themselves, and they don’t generate themselves either.

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