Don’t take a gap year. Take a possibility year.

A gap year is just that, a gap year.

A gap interrupts continuity. And if so, a gap also implies continuity.

Taking a gap year is like saying “I’ll be back soon.” And if so, taking a gap year also means making a commitment/ closing all other doors.

Taking a gap year makes you feel guilty for abandoning this thing for a year because everybody around you expects from you that you march on.

Taking a gap year makes you feel anxious because those who don’t take gap years immediately gain advantage over you.

Taking a gap year is an exception to the rule. The rule, on the other hand, is “If doable, any gaps should be avoided.”

Taking a gap year is far more likely to be viewed as a sign of weakness because the society somehow figured that rewarded should be only those who never stop/ look back/ ponder.

Thus taking a gap year means you’ll have to explain the reasons for your decision. You will need some good excuses why you needed this year off. On the other hand, no one will ever demand from you that you explain a gap free resume. Unfortunately.

A possibility year is so much better.

A possibility year doesn’t imply continuity.

Taking a possibility year is like saying “I might be back”. And if so, taking a possibility year also means no commitment has been made/ other doors remain open.

Taking a possibility year doesn’t make you feel guilty because you are not abandoning this thing.

Taking a possibility year doesn’t make you feel anxious about being left behind because you might not go back to this previous thing at all.

By taking a possibility year you establish a new rule which makes the old rule obsolete. Thus the rule ”If doable, any gaps should be avoided” no longer applies to you.

And because the why behind your possibility year is very strong you will never worry that others might view your year off as a sign of weakness.

Thus taking a possibility year means you will feel at ease while explaining the reasons for your decision. At least now those reasons are obvious to you. It’s not about finding a good excuse anymore.

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