First choices

It’s still far easier and more convenient to be a follower than the leader.

My guess is that it always was this way and that it will forever stay this way. Our natural / innate human tendencies, biases and fallacies will always want to make sure that we stay away from the unconventional path.

The unconventional path always meant and will forever mean being different than the rest. Few will be able to accept the fact that they will (not might, will!) be perceived as weirdos or outcasts and thus will be ridiculed and laughed at. Fewer people will be able to embrace this prospect. And only a tiny fraction will cherish the thought.

Being a leader / a linchpin / an outlier / an original / a creative / an innovator will never become first choice of the majority of people. It will remain the option of those who:

  • are comfortable with being uncomfortable,
  • are not afraid to try things for themselves,
  • embrace change,
  • don’t care what others might (will) think of them,
  • are not afraid to ask questions,
  • challenge authorities and the status quo,
  • are willing to play by a different set of rules,
  • are comfortable with breaking the rules and breaking up with traditions that were established by their predecessors,
  • have the courage to think and act differently,
  • think outside the box,
  • don’t get discouraged by difficulties and failures,
  • relentlessly work on their daily habits
  • are ready to outwork others.

Being a leader / a linchpin / an outlier / an original / a creative / an innovator also means taking a total responsibility for one’s life and forgetting excuses, caring for others, obsessing about adding value, being at the forefront of all people and events, being ok with being vulnerable.

Those things don’t come easily to most of us. They all mean that we first need to invite incredible (for most people) levels of discomfort to our lives.

I don’t know that many people who would be ready to do it.

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