‘Follow your passion’ is neither good, nor bad advice (is an advice nobody needs)

To me ‘follow your passion’ is a bullshit advice.


Because when you already have a passion you don’t need anyone to tell you that you should follow it. You will do it anyway. Passion is just so powerful.

If you can still decide that you will do something else, it is not your passion. Passion wouldn’t let you just walk away.

When you have a passion you no longer have a choice. You follow it.

So I’d say ‘follow your passion’ is neither good, nor bad advice. It’s a bullshit advice.

Nobody needs this kind of advice, because those who have passion will follow it anyway, and those who don’t have it, don’t have anything to follow, right?

People should be simply brave enough to be themselves. Dare to do things differently than the majority of their peers. Dare to reject the conventional career building model (meaning, making choices that are “practical”, sticking to one career and playing it safe), because when you choose to build your career that way your chances at uncovering your passion are probably close to 0%.

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