Going against your parents’ career recommendation may screw up your life

Going against means saying “I will never do as you say. I have my plan and you don’t own me. I will prove you wrong.”, or something of that nature.

Going against means being emotional about this situation. It’s about two competing plans and focusing on proving the other person wrong.

Thus I would never advise going against parents’ career recommendation.

People who decide to go against their parents’ wishes often end up doing something only to prove their parents wrong. That’s a terrible plan for a career, life, anything.

Initially they think that they’ve found this perfect occupation / or come up with this perfect plan, but what if later they figure out that this isn’t exactly what they thought it was/ that they were wrong?

Obviously, those who had parents that told them that their idea was stupid are much more likely to persevere, if only to prove those non-believers wrong, whereas those whose parents kept their mouths shut, will only need to deal with the commitment bias.

Of course, commitment bias alone also can prevent them from pivoting, but since nobody tried to convince them otherwise, they don’t need to save face.

Following what your parents think is right for you could also be a bad idea.

However, the thing that they recommend could be perfect for you. How could you possibly tell? But because that’s what they suggested, right after telling you that your idea is a piece of shit, you will never even want to consider this suggestion.

The point here is that we don’t need to go against our parents’ wishes to pursue our dreams. I can imagine a situation in which those two match.

Thus, I think the smart thing to do is to forget about going against vs with your parents’ suggestion and focus instead on doing what we think will make us happy.

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