How frequently should one switch jobs?

The question How frequently should one switch jobs? is a standard question of those who believe that career building must follow certain paths and that one generally should not deviate from those paths.

So the first thing they do is ask “Where is the map?”

Those people believe that the rules are sacred and are there to be followed. They’ve been instructed by those who have traveled the same paths before them.

People who ask How frequently should one switch jobs? want to harness the future by playing the game exactly as scripted. The path they set out to follow has been tested millions of times. It has clear signposts which will lead them to their (conventional) goal.

There is no room for chance. Or, at least they hope to eliminate it with the application of the script.

On the other hand, a person who has a different approach to career building and thus cares little about the rules which are applicable only to the conventional career building as understood by the majority of people (the one in which one is supposed to follow a script / map) would never ask this question.

She would never ask it because she knows that how frequently she will switch jobs is entirely up to her and this should not be dictated/ or even influenced by any external factors, like the current expectations of HR departments, interviewers, employers, etc. or what the majority assumes is the next trend in job search and application processes.

Instead of hundreds of signposts this person has two. The first says “What do you really want from your life?” and the second says “Do it even if doing it would mean that your resume will suffer because of it. If you’ll be happy your resume can suffer but not the other way around.”

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