I’m sorry Mom.

That I don’t make you proud.

But making you proud would mean I need to adopt your understanding of success and your life philosophy, and this I will not do. Even for you.

I’m proud.

That you can’t brag about me, compare my successes to the successes of your friends’ kids, and probably have to sit quiet, change the subject of your discussions, or make up nice stories about my successes.

Maybe it’s not a good idea to rely on others to provide the success stories? Just a thought.

That you feel worried and can’t enjoy a peace of mind.

But providing you with a peace of mind would mean I need to relinquish my dreams, plans, and my vision for my life, and instead realize your vision for my life. It will not happen. I won’t do it for anyone. Even for you.

Your peace of mind is not my responsibility. It’s yours.

That you don’t approve of my life philosophy, or even understand it.

But your not being able to accept it, and/or understand, will not stop me from pursuing it.

You have yours. I have mine. And you can be sure that I won’t try to convince you that mine is better.

Of one thing though I can assure you, Mom.

I’m happy this way.

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