On regret after following your passion

Do you ponder falling in love?

No, you fall in love.

Was it with the right person? Well, that’s a totally different question!

People who have a passion, follow it.

They can’t resist it, so it’s like they have no other choice.

Those who still ask themselves whether following this thing is worth it, they don’t have a passion.

And if you had no choice but to follow your passion, how can you have regrets?

We can have regrets when we could have done something but decided that we won’t (or we could have avoided doing something but decided that we will), or when the reality could have been different. That’s when we can have regrets.

When something happens and we have no control over it/ can’t influence it, will we say that we regret it?

In a sense, yes. We can say “I regret not having been born in 15th century and not having been able to join Columbus on his voyage in 1492.” Of course, we can say it, but that’s something totally different than saying “I regret having chosen med school.”, when it’s obvious that it was my choice (or that I could have refused to listen to my parents).

The former is actually the same as dreaming about a different reality of the world (when we know that nothing can be done about certain things), and the latter is when we can blame ourselves for having chosen a certain course of action when there was a choice (why didn’t I approach that girl?, why did I listen to my parents?, why didn’t I stand up to my boss?).

With following your passion it’s like with being born in the 20th century, when you wish you were born 500 years earlier — there is nothing you could have done about it. We can say we regret it, but that’s not something which could have been prevented anyway. So it’s actually closer to dreaming about a different reality of the world.

We can regret following (not following) our dreams.

But passion? We really have no choice. We will follow it. We can only dream about not having it.

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