One (Why people with passion fail to have the right work-life balance)

Their work is their life. And everything outside work is their life.

This distinction between work and life does not exist.

If there is no such distinction, how can there be balance? You need both work and life to be able to balance those things.

Their definition of the word ‘life’ doesn’t harmonize with the definition people who have no passion have.

Family, children, hobbies, family gatherings, meetings with friends, housekeeping, school, weekends, vacation, etc. Those are things people without passion count as life. They don’t see work as part of this thing they call ‘life’. That’s why they came up with this ‘work life balance’ thing.

For them work is their work and everything outside work is their life, whereas for the people with passion their work is their life and everything outside work is also their life.

If you have passion the only thing you can balance is the time you spend working and the time you spend being a father, mom, husband, wife, son, daughter, sister, brother, friend, neighbor, etc.

Don’t expect that people with passion will ever be able to make the distinction between work and life. It’s not going to happen. They don’t have those two things, they have just one.

The only thing they can balance is time spent here and there.

But since they live and breathe this thing (their passion) they can’t fully detach. They never really close for the night, or weekends, or vacations, or public holidays.


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