Until we fix this people will suffer

Worse than the worst educational system, employment policy and economy combined

The single most important cause of unemployment and suffering of millions of people worldwide yesterday, today and tomorrow (obviously, apart from the lack of education) isn’t inadequate education, bad system of formal education, our government’s bad employment policy or bad economy.

It is our mindset.

Each new generation of parents serves as a role model for young people. And if our life philosophy and our understanding of human’s work is terribly broken (and it often has been for generations) the odds are pretty high that our children’s understanding of those things will also be terribly broken.

If we, as the majority of people around us, have this ‘work to live’ kind of mindset, instead of ‘live to work’ mindset, there is no way we will continually embrace the prospect of work. With this flawed mindset work usually means having to drag ourselves out of our beds in the morning after snoozing the alarm dozen times, for the sheer reason of being able to keep that freakin’ job and not end up jobless.

This is a very common thing and I’ve been able to see it playing out with people who have nothing and job for minimum wages (or worse) and with high profile people, like some of my fellow law graduates, for example.

Our children have been watching us and all those people that we associate with (99% of whom think and act exactly like we do) and unless they’re lucky enough to meet someone on their paths who will show them a different philosophy their interpretation of work will inevitably match ours.

As a result almost the entire new generation of people will again live with this ‘work to live’ mindset and suffer through most of their adult lives.

The problem with human beings is that we tend to take most of what our parents and grandparents did (and still do) at face value and don’t question it. We tend to treat the definitions and interpretations that have been passed on to us by our parents and grandparents as something that is fixed.

We look at them and in an instant we know:

that’s what is and what isn’t possible,

that’s how you raise children,

that’s how you define success,

that’s how you earn money,

that’s why you need work.

Unless we are willing to question everything inertia wins big time.

And for such change to happen for the majority of our children this culture of questioning everything should become an essential component of our upbringing.

The forward thinkers among us can preach, reason and cry but unless people will be able to witness a different kind of mindset playing out in their own families and in the families of their relatives, friends and neighbors this change will almost never happen at a scale.

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