Who is it for? The major career building mistake.

When we are in school we seek to please the school (and parents) by getting good grades.

Good grades matter to schools because they are being ranked against other schools based upon them. Good grades matter to our parents because it’s a reassuring signal to them.

Then we seek to please our parents by choosing something ‘practical’ as our college major.

This matters to them because they want the peace of mind. They can have this peace of mind knowing that they “secured” our future.

And finally, we seek to please our potential employers by crafting our resumes to their liking.

We agonize over the consistency of our actions because we want to show our potential employers that we are serious, that we know what we want, that we will not hop jobs. They certainly like that in job candidates.

But where are WE in this process?

Do our dreams, wants and needs matter at all?

There are enough people who hate Monday mornings / live for the Friday night and can’t wait for the moment when they will finally retire.

Don’t seek to please other people. They will not go work to this job for you.

The only person you should seek to please is YOU.

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