Worse than our educational system? The beat.

More than anything, the problems with the current systems of formal education around the world included (although also vital), our beliefs about work are causing people to suffer in their lives as they climb the ladders of misguided success or struggle from one meaningless job to another.

The “lucky ones” will realize on their deathbeds that they climbed the wrong ladder their entire lives and will be able to warn their children.

The rest will die thinking that the life philosophy to which they subscribed by default, simply because everyone else around them was also validating this model for as long as they can remember, was the only option that was available to them.

The rest are the ones who will never get the chance to see the myths that they believed in debunked and the lies that they bought into uncovered.

The rest are the ones who will continue to believe in clichés and stereotypes that they use every single day around their likeminded peers to feel more like part of the same pack/ tribe and offer those clichés and stereotypes to their children as eternal life wisdoms.

The rest are the ones who will be quick to correct their children who would (naïvely) propose that life can be different, that there are different options, that they can play by a different set of rules in their lives.

The rest are the ones who, after hearing their children’s different vision for their lives, will conclude “That’s not what life is like, kid. Once you reach my age you’ll have no choice but to admit that I was right all along.”

And sadly, the majority of those children will believe them. Why? Because they will have no reason not to believe them. It’ll be enough if they look around — the living proofs, those who follow this exact model will be virtually everywhere. Those living proofs (their friends’ parents, their neighbors, their relatives) will vastly outnumber the outliers (if at all they’re lucky enough to spot any).

People have a certain worldview and they adjust their thinking so that it fits this particular worldview. Thus, the opinions they form and the conclusions they draw are biased. That’s how our brains work. We all do it.

Our parents’ well-intentioned attempts at convincing us that the world is the way it is, that life is what they tell us it is, that we need to approach education and career building the same way they approached these things, and that once we reach their age we’ll admit that they were right all along, are all great examples of a biased thinking.

That’s what they want to happen. That’s an ideal scenario for them. They want us to believe what they believe because otherwise…, well, otherwise they might find out that they were wrong all along. And that’ll suck for them.

It’s far better to persuade others to believe what we believe, to march with us to the beat of the same drummer — in such a case we and our beliefs (our whole worldview) are safe and we can stay within our comfort zones. In other words, we can continue to live peacefully with the lie that we had once espoused and forever refused to verify its merits.

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