You don’t need to be “good enough” to start

Who should tell you whether you’re “good enough” or not?

A gatekeeper? Those people can be wrong too. Or they may have other priorities at that point about which they’ll never tell you and you’ll think that they rejected you for a reason that has to do with you.

Should you be your own gatekeeper, tell yourself I’m / I’m not “good enough”? What do you know about “good enough”? Are you an expert? Even better, an expert who is never wrong?

What if you know that you are “good enough” but don’t believe in yourself?

Stop being crippled by all those thoughts and just do it.

Start, pour your heart into it every step of the way and see where it will take you.

Because that’s the only path.

That’s the path all those who succeeded had to take before they became successful.

That’s the path all those legends and icons had to take before they became legends and icons.

Did they know that one day they will be successful / become legends or icons? Did they all wait for a sign from heaven before they committed to it? Did they wait until someone would come to them and tell them that they will succeed because they are “good enough”? Did they start because there was some kind of a guarantee?

No. It was a leap of faith. It always starts with a leap of faith.

As a matter of fact those who need other people’s validation (of their skills or traits) before they can go for it lack self-confidence. Unless this changes they won’t be able to win anyway.

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