You have everything you need to get unstuck

The only path to getting unstuck.

You search for job offers. Create a job for yourself.

You wait for a good moment. Act now.

You are busy all the time. Stop being busy.

You think you need to wait for luck. Create your own luck.

You think it is important to care about your grades and CV. Assume that something else is important.

You think you have to be the best. Try being different for a while.

You assume that only wealthy kids can succeed. Assume that the gap is only an illusion.

You think you need to earn a lot of money to have certain lifestyle. Change your lifestyle.

You think passion is something you find. Work toward your passion.

You think that you know how to parent. Admit that you don’t.

You assume you are entitled to your parents' assets after their death. Assume that you aren’t.

You assume that you need to pass as much assets as possible down to your children. Assume that it’s not important at all.

You think that it isn’t your fault. Ask yourself how you could have contributed to the problem.

You haven’t cared about your physical wellbeing. Start to work out/ eat healhty and see how it changes you.

You haven’t cared about your mental wellbeing. Try different mindfulness techniques and see which one is best for you.

You think this idea is stupid. Try it.

You assume that things are just the way they are. Assume they’re not.

You assume you know the right answer. Assume that you don’t.

You think you need certain things. Try to do without them (even for a while). See how it works.

You assume certain definitions are fixed. Try redefining things.

You assume something is true. Assume it’s false.

You think that the pie is fixed. Work toward expanding the pie.

You think that if one person wins the other must lose. Think win-win.

You assume that experts are almost always right. Assume that they’re almost always wrong.

You think that the idea that people work sucks. Embrace this idea.

You assume you will retire at the age of 65. Assume that you will never retire.

You assume that the government will take care of you when you’re old. Assume that they won’t.

You think when people retire it’s like game over for them. Think like it’s a new game.

You assume people can only do certain things when they’re at a certain point in their lives. Assume that you are not bound by those stereotypes.

You assume that you will die at the age of 80. Assume that you will live as long as 100 or beyond.

You assume you know everything. Assume that you don’t.

You assume you know what’s best for your child. Assume that you don’t.

You assume your child should call you. Assume that it’s bullshit.

You think you absolutely need to hold on to this job. Tell them that you quit. See what happens.

You think you absolutely need to work in the profession for which you studied. Try something totally unrelated. Maybe you’ll like it more.

You think your job is to please others. Start pleasing yourself.

You think you don’t have time. Make time by removing other things from your life.

You think material possessions are most important. Give most of your belongings to others.

You think money is most important. Focus on your craft.

You think likes and followers are most important. Make the best art you can.

You think you absolutely need to be on social media. Delete your account. See how it’ll affect your life.

You think you’ll never be able to do it. Do it.

You think it’s impossible. Make it happen.

You think you need a map. Carve out your own path.

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