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A mechanical keyboard Keychron K2

Hi, it’s Takuya. I have been using Apple’s keyboard for a long time because I don’t care much about which keyboard to use but care only about the US key layout. Since I started my YouTube channel, I wanted to make my videos more visually enjoyable. I found this keyboard in Oliur’s channel:

It has a great mat black design and costs $89.00 with RGB backlight aluminum frame which is way cheaper than HHKB, so I decided to buy it.

I also bought a palm rest because other reviews say it is tall, and that was the right choice. To customize its keytop design better, I’ve also got a keycap set which costs $19.

The key layout is very similar to the Apple magic keyboard, so the learning cost would be low. Looks so cool.

It supports Bluetooth connection and comes with a battery which is able to be charged via USB-C.

I chose brown switch which has a gentle sound in comparison with other switch types. It makes “the keyboard”-like sound. The keystroke is quite deeper than Apple’s, but I guess I will get used to it soon because it is not the first time to use a mechanical keyboard for me.

Customized keycaps to be all black

I replaced all gray keycaps with the black ones. It is possible because the aluminum model’s keycap color is an inverted color of the plastic frame models.

I’m not a big fan of RGB LED light, so I think I will not use it.

I prefer white light color.

The LED lights are bright enough. You can change the brightness as you do with the Apple keyboard.

I’ll remove the cable after finishing to charge it. It looks so nice! I like it so far.

Update: I recorded the typing sound while I’m refactoring the codebase:



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