10 things no one told you about your periods

Getting a menstrual cycle in a month is the last thing that any woman wants to encounter. It is a painful week that causes a lot of bleeding, you can’t concentrate on your work and of course, you need someone who can take care of you in that difficult period. It should be understood under the social awareness program as most of the girls are not aware of the consequences and what circumstances they have to go through the bleeding phase. It starts from the mother as there are a few strange facts with which all the women are not aware of and it causes misunderstanding and lack of information on the subject.

There is a list of 10 things no one told you about your periods and it is far away from being a taboo:

What actually happens during periods?

It is not just any other organ is bleeding and you need to medicate it, actually, the whole menstrual cycle is designed to get you pregnant. There are ovaries in the reproduction system of a woman which release an egg in the middle of the cycle. This egg waits for a contact from a sperm to get fertilized. This process thickens the walls of the uterus to conceive an egg and after passing a week’s time, these walls breakdown and causes a lot of bleeding during the cycle.

The average age has been changed

Earlier it was considered that the average age of someone to be in the menstrual cycle is between 13 and 14. Recently, the age has been changed and the female begins menstruation at age of 12 depending on the change of the diet, environmental conditions and overall stress. So if someone you know is getting the first period at the age 10, don’t be shocked and educate her with the information.

Don’t be worried about the change in colour of your blood :

There are many cases in which women tend to discharge blood in different colours. This is one of the obvious reasons that can make them worried. According to studies, the change in the color is due to the fact that it was into your vagina for many days and there is nothing to be worry about whereas bright red color means more active bleeding.

You are not pregnant:

We often think that if we have missed on the period, it is a straight sign that we are pregnant. It is considered to be the most common reason for missing a period but there are some other factors that play a vital role that includes stress, changes in the overall weight, suffering from the medical condition, or a change in the regular exercise routine.

How much blood:

Generally an average woman lose about 2 to 4 tablespoons during the whole menstrual cycle that seems about a bottle due to the presence of water content in it. Under the circumstances, many women suffer from a heavy flow that depends on the uterine fibroids, blood-thinning medications, and ovary cysts. Normally the flow doesn’t possess any health risk but if you continue for over 10 days, you should always consult the physician or doctor.

Don’t be a hero :

Severe pain or cramps can take you on a toll and many of us consider taking less or no medications during the cycle. At times, these cramps can be so severe that it can’t even let you get off the bed. These cramps are caused by prostaglandins which are produced by the body during the cycle. So whenever you see the first drop of the blood or have the intuition to have it in days, take some anti-inflammatory which will help you throughout the week.

There is no fixed period for the periods:

We all get ready with all the essentials when we see our date on the calendar. A normal period totally depends on the person and the average cycle is for 28 days but if you are getting it for every 23 days or 30 days, it is also quite normal. So consider it to be irregular under normal conditions and don’t be worried about it..

Unpredictability can be a risk:

Getting irregular periods occasionally is quite normal and many women face the same problem. Occasionally is normal but if every time you are irregular with your period, it can be a warning sign and you should consult with your doctor. Irregularities can cause a problem in the fertility of a woman as it will be hard to conceive a baby in the near future.

Any medical condition can cause problems:

Any medical condition starting from the heart disease to cancer, these conditions can cause problems in the menstrual cycle and you will face irregularities with a heavy flow in the cycle.

It stinks :

The main reason why many women use scented tampons is due to a little odor which is quite normal during the cycle. It is due to the presence of blood in the vagina and using tampons during a cycle can cause irritation and rashes which can be another problem to suffer from during the cycle.

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