Running on Treadmill- should you really be doing it?

If you are a hard-core runner, you might not consider running on the treadmill as it is a lesser substitute for running outside. The treadmill is the last option when running outside is impractical due to the environmental conditions. It is not considered as real running due to the fact that it is quite easy to run on a treadmill as compared to hurdles you face while running in outdoors. The same thinking is limited to people as there are even some elite runners embrace their treadmills. Some Olympic runners who won gold in their final race were heavy treadmill runners. So the question remains the same “Is working out on a treadmill beneficial when as compared to running outdoors”?

There are many users who state that treadmill training can be as effective as running outside in the fields. It also comes with the comfort of your house regardless of the weather outside and you can continue with your regular workout. It also depends on your personal choice as treadmills are both convenient and useful machine that should be in your house for the regular training program. There are certain pros and cons that come with everything into existence and some of them of treadmill are:

Pros of working out on a treadmill:

  • Convenience — The synonym for treadmill should be convenient as you don’t have to leave the comfort of your house and you don’t have to worry about anything. It will be at the corner of your house and you will find it at the same place every day. It is the best for a new mother as she can lose some weight with the simple training program and she doesn’t have to leave her baby behind in the house.
  • The difficulty level is the same — There are many people who love running outdoors as every time they face the new challenges and some of them feel that running outside is more difficult than running on the treadmill. There are certain adjustments through which you can push yourself like inclining the treadmill to 2% will cost us the same energy while running outside.
  • It is perfect for your joints — There are studies which proved that running on the treadmill causes less stress on your joints and the whole body compared to running on the pavements or cemented path. It is a perfect way of rehabilitation for someone who suffer from a leg injury and on the verge of recovery. There are many athletes who used the same methods of running on the treadmill while on the recovery path from the injury.
  • Always avoid bad weather — This is the main reason why I personally like running on the treadmill as you can avoid any form of bad weather and can continue working out on the treadmill. Freezing temperatures, dangerous winds, thunderstorms, or even extreme heat, you can always put the weather conditions aside and this will not be an excuse for a day off from running.
  • Injury prevention — It has been proven that treadmills causes lesser stress on your legs and lower back of the runners. It goes easier on the body and is ideal for the people who are coming back from the injuries. You are familiar with the conditions around you as it will not change on daily basis and you feel prevented while it keeps you away from the injuries compared to running outdoors as you can face the new challenges and conditions on daily basis.

Cons of working out on a treadmill:

  • It is boring — While running on treadmills provide the best conditions for you as you can play your favorite playlist and switch on the television just in front of you but actually, it turns out to be boring. With all the amenities, you will be bored within 15 to 20 minutes of your workout and you might feel that the time has stopped. While running outside comes with new experiences and you don’t have to watch the same wall in front of your treadmill. Many people also state that running on the treadmill is less effective than running outdoors.
  • Lacks physical variation — Treadmill comes with different variations as you can intense your workout every time you have finished with your first one. The problem with it is that these variations are limited and it is not a perfect substitute for running outside. There are many treadmills that lack to simulate downhill running which is important as it provides the balance in the body and it is not the best option for preparing for any marathons.
  • No fresh air — Running outside comes with its own advantages as the most important is the supply of the fresh air that supports the respiratory organs of the person and also improves the overall health condition. Whereas running on the treadmill in your room is limited with the advantages and the supply of fresh air is outside the window.

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