What really happens when you miss or stop taking birth control pills?

You either feel right to have babies or just don’t want them anymore. Well, birth control pills and the notorious hormones within you are not really concerned about your reason. They just let the play go on, making your life a little intimidating.

Read below to find out what really happens when you miss or stop taking your birth control pills:

Your period can be moody too

Once you stop taking your birth control pills, your period may or may not be the same as it used to be. You might feel a little change in your schedule, the time for which the period lasts or even the amount of blood that flows out. Gynaecologists say that most of the women experience this disturbance in the menstrual cycle for a few months, but then, everything gets back to normal. You never know, you might be that lucky woman who got her period right, the very first month.

Your period might vary:

Hormonal changes occur when you stop taking birth control pills. It’s like the hormones getting angry and taking their revenge from you. A few changes in your period cycle can be expected. However, if the changes are drastic, consult a doctor.

You are likely to get pregnant immediately: Take precautions if you really don’t want to. If you wish to not get pregnant so soon but also want to terminate birth control pills, you can use condoms as a method of precaution.

Don’t worry if you don’t get pregnant immediately: In fact, this is good. If you get pregnant as soon as you stop your pills, it will become difficult to know whether or not you are ovulating. The doctor will then be not able to tell you your due date with confidence. It is not something to worry about but better if you get pregnant after the hormonal drama is at peace.

Pill hormones flush away: And when this happens, everything goes back to normal. Then why does the hormonal mess continue even after the pill is not taken anymore? This is because, due to the pill, the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland is at rest. The normal functioning of the hormones takes the time to wake back up and function. Don’t worry, things become fine after some time, just like it happens with life.

Shots aren’t a good option if you wish to get pregnant right away:

A birth control shot is an injection you take every three months to prevent yourself from getting pregnant. But, three months to turn back to normal when you’ve taken birth control shots.

You become hornier: This is because the birth control pills that maintain the levels of testosterone have been ceased. This is why the testosterone levels jump up in the middle of your cycle and make you feel the need to have sex.

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