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The human impact of identity exclusion in financial services

Stories from the UK and Ghana

Hear Va-Bene’s story

“Know Your Customer” and existing challenges of exclusion

In her book In Pursuit of Proof, Tarangini Sriraraman documents how “identification” began as a need to recognise individuals for governance, but has become a process heavily shaped by social norms. Why is gender an important characteristic for identification? Who decides how that is categorised (male/female)? What happens when gender goes beyond binary, as in Va-Bene’s case?

Next steps

In addition to Va-Bene and Payal, we spoke to a range of participants who are or who have felt excluded from financial systems for different reasons and we’ll be sharing these stories over the next few months. This research is the foundation for Women in Identity to build an Identity Code of Conduct — a set of guiding principles and a framework for inclusive ID-product development.

Note from Women in Identity:

At Women in Identity we believe identity solutions should be inclusive, built for all, by all. But we also believe this does not happen by chance.



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Savita Bailur

Research Director at Caribou Digital; Adjunct Associate Prof at School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University