Anti-Zombie Alliance

Educating first-aid techniques through a board-game.

What’s in the game?

How could we encourage people to retain and internalize knowledge of first-aid procedures?

Design Principles

  • Fun to interact with
  • Requires active participation
  • Involve repetition of the first-aid techniques.


Initial idea — time-bidding for first-aid supplies

Low fidelity prototype using scrap wood and paper

Testing Result

Playing the game with Jamie and Todd

Iteration — strategic board game

From Sketch to final board design
First-aid care guide for choking, bone fracture, heatstroke and stroke. Players would get more and more familiar with the combination of first-aid techniques as the game proceed.

Final testing

Playing the game with my classmates and friends

“I like the aesthetics of the game.”

“It is fun but the rules are confusing in the beginning.”

“It is too easy to find out the zombie spy.”

“It is new in the sense that it‘s’ collaborative game, most board games I know are more competitive.”

“The zombie part is exciting but the game itself is not as fun. It would be better if you play into that scenario more.”

“It would be fun to play with a bigger group.”

Final thoughts



A collection of Carina’s design experiments

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