Red cup, or blue cup?

Connecting students through a colour-coded coffee station.

What if we use the colour of coffee cups to signal whether we are open for conversations or not?

  • Choosing a blue cup means that you want some personal time.
  • Take some coffee and enjoy!
Promoting the coffee station all over my campus.

The day

After I set up the coffee station in the student lounge, I sat nearby and observed how people interacted with it.

So excited to see students interacting with the station!


Positive feedback from students.

Interesting conversations I overheard

“Are you a red cup person or blue cup person?”

“I’m totally a red.”

“I don’t understand who would pick the red cup.”

“ I didn’t encounter anyone holding a red cup like me. So I didn’t really had new conversations.”

“I’m down to talk to people. I feel like I don’t know anyone outside my program.”

“I have a lot to do today so I think I will pick blue.”

Final thoughts

This mini-cafe is a very meaningful experiment for me, it is refreshing to see students connecting with each other through coffee. I look forward to a day when we could take a break from dating or networking apps, and have organic, genuine conversations in a shared space.



A collection of Carina’s design experiments

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