Ansel Qi from YUTU: Safety and Development of Connected-Car Big Data

BYD Global Developers Conference was held in Shenzhen Futian Shangri-La Hotel on September 5, 2018. With the theme of “Opening Up and Creating the Future”, the conference brought together thousands of elites in the automotive industry and covered an audience of more than one million people both online and offline. As a strategic partner of BYD, YUTU has joined hands with Baidu, 360 Qihoo, Tencent and Alibaba Cloud to become the first batch of BYD D++ co-developers.

Ansel Qi, CEO of YUTU together with Zhang Yaqin (CEO of Baidu) and Zhou Hongyi (Chairman of 360) were invited to the conference. During the Vehicle Smart Application forum, Ansel exchanged his views with the founders of vehicle application companies such Koala FM, Zhizai Technology and E-Life.

The forum was chaired by Liu Xiaodong, chairman of In response to Liu’s question that how YUTU will utilize the big data on car users’ social behaviors, Ansel has made his points.

According to Ansel, AYocar App now has been serving more than 70 million car users and has created an entertainment consumption community. YUTU is focusing on developing content-based, socialized and digitalized mobile internet and blockchain technology. To create more content flow, YUTU provides a series of platforms including that of live broadcasting, video, content-based shopping guide to users and suppliers. YUTU also provides a series of tools including IM, LBS, and tipping functions to encourage interaction between users. Data generated by individuals and corporates on AYocar is cross-managed and will be made available to public gradually.

Ansel suggested that YUTU has built strategic cooperation with BYD and will integrate data of car users’ social behaviors with driving data. YUTU will launch digital products based on infotaiment tools that are frequently used by car users. They will integrate such products into cars directly and include a series of features such as broadcasting, online 4S store, and roadside assistance so that users can use them without resorting to a third-party tool.

Liu Xiaodong pointed out that as the connected-car big data rises in popularity, ensuring the safe application of big data in connected cars will be difficult. One solution to Liu’s concern that Ansel raised was to store such data via blockchain technology and achieve safe storage through the combination of Cloud and blockchain technology. Ansel said that opening big data to the public is easy, but it could also pose great threat to driving safety and data safety. YUTU and BYD have both realized this problem and have been working to solve this by applying blockchain technology.

At the end of the forum, Ansel expressed his best wishes to BYD D++ developers and promised to make the IOV algorithm and 30+ computing power missions available as soon as possible. Users can enjoy value returns by tapping into CarLive Chain mining pool with 3 billion IOV tokens. They can use IOV tokens to pay for services and products. CarLive Chain Ecosystem will sure be more prosperous and autonomous with more tokens being circulated.

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