AUH Foundation Announce the Opening of Mining Pool with 3 Billion IOV Tokens; Hardware Manufacturers Took the Opportunity to Jump in

On the morning of September 10, Singapore time, Dr. Miller announced on behalf of the AUH Foundation that after three months of preparation, the IOV (CarLive Chain) Mining Consensus was completed, and the mining pool was officially opened to the public according to IOV white paper. More than 20 companies including Silicon Fusion, car manufacturers such as BYD, OBD providers and social Network platforms have joined the ecosystem. Among them there are some big names including BYD, Silicon Fusion, Exxon Mobil and NürnbergMesse.

According to Dr. Miller, CarLive Chain is opening its mining pool to a series of miners such as OBD miners, smart phone miners and car miners through consensus algorithm and smart contracts. By owning IOV, users will have the right to run and manage the CarLive Chain Ecosystem. CarLive Chain looks forward to seeing more service providers, spare parts and accessory brands and OEMs in the automobile industry joining the ecosystem and prosper together.

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