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CarLive Chain — Revolutionizing Internet Unicorn in Automotive Industry and Create a Tens of Millions User’s IOV-Block Chain

In 2017, global car ownership will exceed 1.3 billion and the data reached 217 million in China market. The automotive industry has become the world’s largest consumer industry, driving the global trillion-dollar-scale market.

Accompanied by the development and popularized application of automatic-driving technology, the global automotive consumer industry will go through a thorough revolution. We believe that there will be two camps in the global automotive consumer market in the coming 3–5 years. One is the finished automobile manufacturers camp that is represented by innovative application of intelligent manufacturing technology. This camp will become the largest car rent company in the world. Another camp is mobile internet car consumer user community which is featured by entertainment and social driving. The two camps will achieve the sharing and cooperation of automotive social network data and information.

However, there’re four major pain points that have plagued the automotive market for a long time are urgently needed to solve by the blockchain technology:

The First Pain Point: Internet Unicorn in Automotive Industry Take the Lead to Occupy Users’ Data Assets

According to the statistic, there are more than 100 Automotive Internet platforms that possess certain scale in the world. They gain market value which generated by online advertisement, e-commerce and other things over 600 billion dollars every year. The Internet active car user has reached 100 million and they contributed 6000 dollars to centralized platform on average every year. However, these car users never gain fair value reward from platform that they deserve.

These data assets include social behavior (such as live broadcast, video, LBS , self-driving tour, automotive game, automotive exhibition etc. ) , car life consumption behavior( such as maintenance, roadside assistance, transaction of car or car accessory, peccancy processing, auto insurance etc), Vehicle Operation Data( such as bodywork condition, travelling data, settings of vehicle, engine data etc.)

The second pain point: There exists huge confidence crisis between car users and manufacturers as well as third-party car service providers.

Due to the monopoly characteristics of OEMs and the lack of a transparent consumption environment, there are overselling, brush single, selling fakes and other violations of business ethics.

According to the statistic, 95% of the third-party service providers hope to establish a brand image to obtain orders, are willing to be part of the scenario application program, and are eager to establish mutual trust relationships with users.

The third one, there is a market deficit that it is easy to buy a car but much more difficult to maintain it.

The main reason for the high cost of car consumption is that the industry channel has not been flat. A part from channel’s profit distribution , much opaque consumption and over-consumption behavior sometimes happen, resulting in the problem that it is easy to buy a car but much more difficult to maintain it. The e-commerce penetration rate has become an important factor to measure an industry’s liveness. By late 2017, the application rate of e-commerce application in car life area was still low, the penetration rate of online traders has just reached 8%.Compared with other consumption industry, the e-commerce penetration rate of car life was far behind.

The fourth one, the car safety has become an potential danger in the world

As the car entertainment and application is accessed to car through Internet, there has been huge potential danger in car driving due to the centralized Internet signal environment.

The most influential safety incident is the one that the equipment of a jeep which was running normally in USA suddenly broke down due to the attack of “white hat” hack. With the application of unmanned driving and other technology, more and more control signal is conducting data transmission between control center and vehicle. The traditional crypto method is easily to be attacked.

According to Trillum’s research report, now 70% of vehicle manufacturers in the world do not pay attention to the vehicle safety problem that resulted from the access of Internet.

In the face of these four core pain points, CarLive Chain will use blockchain technology to meaningfully record data behaviors such as car users, cars, and scenes. As long as users open Dapp to participate in car life social networking or start a car, they can contribute. The value of big data, access to data assets tokens, and various roles within the IOV ecosystem can make better use of these data assets for circulation to achieve fair distribution and use of value. At the same time, it will address the consumer trust in the car, reduce transaction costs, and solve safety problems. Share blockchain value with IOV Eco Partners.

Unlike most blockchain projects, Carlive Chain is not just an ambitious idea, but a project that has already begun for a long time and has abundant resources and business accumulation. The project has established a comprehensive strategic cooperation relationship with the China Auto Life Social Sharing Platform and China’s most active middle class community, YUTU ( AYocar APP and E-commerce trading platform, YUTU promises to add all core business to the CarLive Chain ecosystem and become part of the CarLive Chain Connected IOV ecology.

Advertising Marketing Platform of YUTU
User Regional Distribution of YUTU
Important Partners

YUTU will not only bring more than 60 million users to Carlive Chain, but will also support Carlive Chain’s future developments in the areas of self-media social platform operations, scenario-based e-commerce platform operations, auto vehicle manufacturers, and post-market supply chain resource integration. YUTU is even willing to accept subversive transformations.

In addition, the CarLive Chain project is operated and supervised by the AUH Foundation. The core members of the Foundation consist of former Alibaba senior executives and blockchain senior technical experts and blockchain value creators. CarLive Chain has set up an international technical advisory committee and an international financial advisory committee made up of influential industry leaders from across the globe to lead the global application of the CarLive Chain IOV-Block chain.

CaLive Chain financial advisor committee

Carlive Chain will issue Carlive Chain Token (IOV) as the medium of exchange for the future IOV ecosystem.

IOV will be widely circulated in the Carlive Chain ecosystem. While using the existing business of YUTU to ensure that IOV has the circulation capacity at the time of its issuance, its liquidity will continue to increase along with the development of the ecosystem.

The ecological construction of Carlive Chain is inseparable from the support of contributors. We will hold a series of activities to reward users. CarLive Chain has set up a special incentive fund with a total of 3 billion CarLive Chain TOKEN as the only incentive to motivate contributors. The incentives includes community user incentive, community incentive for business system, community year-end incentive.

If you are interested in the future development of Carlive Chain, please pay close attention to our official channels and obtain first-hand official information.

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