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Carlive Chain Weekly Update ( May.29-June.5)

New Faces

CarLive Chain Launches R&D centers in Both Silicon Valley and Tokyo

The Singapore-based AUH Foundation announced the establishment of R&D centers in Silicon Valley and Tokyo on May 31 and its recruitment of block chain and IOV technologists around the world to create an application platform for IOV block chain public chain. So far, CarLive Chain has attracted several top-class computer geniuses from UC Berkeley and university of Tokyo to join in the project. Among them are Andrew Snider (a data processing and visualization software engineer) and his team, Derek Topper (an regional data science project specialists) and his team, and Ardeshir Takaki (an artificial intelligence application engineer) and his team. For more information about our specialists, please refer to CarLive Chain’s whitepaper.

Ardeshir Takaki, Andrew Snider, Derek Topper

Development in marketing and collaboration

I Representatives from CarLive Chain invited to UK’s state-level conference on block chain technology

On May 30th, UK’s department for international trade held a conference on the application of block chain technology in British Consulate-General, Shanghai. Ansel Qi, director of Singapore-based AUH Foundation and founder of YUTU, was invited to the conference and delivered a keynote speech. The conference has gathered together block chain experts and academics, business organizations and investors around the world. Tony Hughes, a digital and media technologist at the department for international trade shared his thoughts on “the application of block chain technology in innovative industries in Britain and opportunities for the British market”. Ansel Qi has also shared with the audience about the application of CarLive Chain in the development of globalization, establishment of International R&D centers, progresses with public chain creation and application scenarios for super nodes. He also shared his experience in implementing IOV block chain technological innovations with YUTU’s more than 70 million users. Tony Hughes agreed that the IOV block chain innovations would bring about qualitative leaps in terms of the global auto-life. He acknowledged CarLive Chain’s innovative application of block chain technology with its huge legions of Internet community users and reached a consensus with YUTU on CarLive Chain’s development in the British market.

II 3000 Online Auto Show Models Rooting for CarLive Chain IOV Coins

Carlive Chain IOV block chain organized a kick-off meeting with online auto show models from the community On June 3rd. 3000 models from Ayocar community, by a ballot from the community, obtained computing power “valves” for Model Lucky Coins. As these models engage in online webcasting and other contributing activities, Ayocar users from the community will be open to time frames accordingly, during which users will have a bigger chance to get Model Lucky Coins. Also, direct interaction with the models will increase both users’ and models’ computing power. CarLive Chain encourages such interactions between users and models as a way of enjoying their car life while gaining more IOV coins.

III Shows Support for CarLive Chain’s saying “No” to Messy Block Chain Projects

Dr. Miller, CMO of CarLive Chain, raised two standards for IOV block chain projects during an interview. The first standard is that IOV block chain projects should possess innovative application scenarios. The second is that such projects must be backed by large user groups that truly engage in the projects. Based on YUTU’s 68 million users, CarLive Chain will, through adoption of block chain technology, store users’ data such as their car-life sharing content, spending records and driving data via distributed bookkeeping, and reward data contributors by establishing a dynamic rewarding system., established in November 2007 under the approval of People’s Daily and the State Council Information Office, with investments from both and Global Times, has also expressed its support for CarLive Chain’s saying “No” to messy block chain projects.

IV Launch of Our Very First Community Reward Event

CarLive Chain’s first community reward event is in full swing following our first-round airdrop of millions of IOV coins. The event consists of two parts. The first part is a “sign-in contest”, which lasts for one week. After which rewards will be given according to participants’ sign-in rankings. The second part is a question-and-answer competition.

CarLive Chain in the media:

With more people joining in the mining, obtaining IOV coins becomes harder and harder. So let’s get cracking.

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