Message from guardian of the King´s Chamber. Keops Pyramids.

Shantaka — Spiritual Mentor of the King´s Chamber — Egypt

“Why do you despise the present? I tell you ‘You do not value the present because you have forgotten to vibrate in the frequency of love and pure happiness. You forgot to feel and use gratitude in your lives because gratitude only exists within the present moment, the present time and you are lazy and no longer value the power of gratitude. You only value things which will one day disappear forever. This is why you feel empty, without life; this is why you feel sick and lost. This is the reason why you cannot access your purpose in life, you soul desires and connect to your centers of universal synergy.

You have decreed to live in gratitude throughout this lifetime, during this Earthly passage. This is the reason you are in alignment with us today. Gratitude is the force which unites us. The force which will change you and your entire life in the next decades. I am proud of you. Everything you have come to fulfill in this lifetime shall be fulfilled. Fear nothing and no one. Fear not even time itself.”
 Shantaka — High Priest — Nubia — 704 A.C. — Guardian of the King’s Chamber. Keops Pyramid.

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