Week 8: A Night at EdStart

A program for teachers to bring their EdTech ideas to fruition.

Last night I was invited to the “graduation” of the first cohort of teachers for the EdStart program. All the teachers were there to present their newly finished product to school representatives, technology experts, and VCs.

Me and Nimrod next to the presentation of Labrador
Nimrod Barkai, one of the teacher participants in the program, invented the idea, Labrador.

Labrador is a science lab applications for teachers and students. The teacher gives the students a 4-digit code to enter the experiment for the class. It is an interactive app with live updates of the data on the teacher's main board’s graph. This enhances the student’s participation as well as giving the teacher a more accurate and exciting experiment.

The programming aspect of the application was given to Carmel 6000 which was handed to me and my 1st-year colleague Mary Arav. We worked hard to make Nimrod’s vision a reality. Labrador was crucial to showing what Carmel 6000 can do with two women, showing the unimaginable things that would be done with the 30 women that were soon to come.

Carmel 6000 being thanked for our hard work

I was so proud to see my hard work being presented at such an important event. Bringing a better future through tech and the significance of innovation everywhere, Education, Art, and Physical Education to name a few. This was just the first graduating cohort, I can't wait to see what else in store for the Start-up Nation.

How will you bring good to this world?