Our New Intern!

Meet Racheli White, a 19-year-old from Golders Green, London.

Avital Weisinger
Jan 10, 2019 · 3 min read

Were you always interested in Computer Science?

When I was 12 years old I had an interest in programming, I signed up for some short courses to see what this computer world was offering, but nothing super concrete and official. In high school, I signed up for a computer elective which really didn't turn out to be what I expected. Afterward, I took a gap year and went to seminary in Machon Raya in Jerusalem. During my gap year, I looked into doing an apprenticeship in software development, as that combines work and study.

I eventually decided to sign up for an intense Full Stack Developer course through The Code Institute, 600 hours of learning, and I’ve been learning since October!

What made you apply for Carmel 6000?

My twin sister, who is in National Service now serving in Ramat Gan, showed me Adventures of Avital, Avital Weisinger’s blog about doing National Service here alone without immediate family. There, she also speaks about Carmel 6000 and how much she loves it, so I messaged her and asked her a few questions about it and I immediately signed up to intern here! I'll be here for 5 amazing weeks!!

That's me!! So glad she came :)

Racheli and I from my blog on Instagram and Facebook

What are you looking forward to with this internship experience with us?

I’ve been programming through a course right now so it has been pretty low key because it's not making real-life solutions, and also it’s been by myself. I am excited to see the hi-tech world in a real-life sense and working with a team, especially in Israel, the Start-Up Nation. I am thrilled to be given a project to put my all into and make real changes in other peoples lives with the software development that I've come to love.

Now that you are here in Israel, besides interning, what else are you doing?

I am subletting an apartment in Nachlaot in the heart of Jerusalem so that's always exciting. My trip coincides with my seminary’s alumni days so I will get to be a part of that and see past friends and teachers. I will be visiting friends, family, and traveling around the country! Most importantly, at the end of the 5 weeks, Yishai Ribo will be having a concert that I can't wait to attend.

What's next?

Well, after the end of the Full Stack Developer course, I hope to find a job in software development. Moving to Israel is definitely in the equation though :)

What advice would you give other people looking into the world of programming?

Before signing up for an intense course like the one I am enrolled in, try free small short courses online like Codecademy, Freecodecamp, and more, to know what you are getting into. A very valuable tip that I can give is don't be intimidated by other people who know more than you, use them as a resource and ask them questions, they were once beginners like you.

Check out this link for a reference of 20 free online courses.

Avital Weisinger

Written by

National Service at Carmel 6000 | Programmer | Advisory Council Member at Girls Who Code *Originally from NJ, full fledged Israeli now*


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