Brand Identity and “nuclear” experiments

Oct 27, 2017 · 4 min read

How to rebrand a national company to get a fresh look for international markets


4 Months

Tools Used

Illustrator, XD, Photoshop


Desktop, Print


Logo Design, UI, Branding.


Dyomedica CND is a company that deals with radiology and nuclear equipment and certifications.

Jobs To Be Done

  • Digital — create a logo & brand identity
  • Print — Create all print materials, from business cards to wall signage, outdoor signage and car & equipment branding


The main area of business for this particular client is selling, maintaining, checking and disposing of medical and industrial equipment that was exposed or produced radiations. They had partners across the country and were looking to expand internationally.


The main color chosen was a shade of bright red, to match the company’s field and desire for expansion into new countries. This is an accent throughout the website and across all their printed materials, while the rest stayed a dark gray font on a white background, as simple as possible.

One font, limited font sizes and a total redesign of not just the website and business cards but also receipts, contracts and any type of necessary paperwork for the offices, signal elements outside and on the building facade as well as cars and all types of equipment used by the company.

Logo exploration

Logo Interpretation & Exploration

For the logo, it all started from thinking about physics and what are the elements that can be represented. We explored the molecule, atom and radiation symbol.

The logo shows an interpretation of the radiation symbol applied to the CND letters in the company name.


The staff was equiped with new business cards and access cards.

Business Cards & Access Cards
Car Branding
Exterior Signage
Exterior Signage & Interior Wall Signage Project Details

Low Fidelity Mockups

The project was centered around the content that the client provided, which was asked for in advance, so the mockups and final UI designs were quickly put in place.

Homepage initial wireframe
About Us initial wireframe
Contact initial wireframe

Hi-Fi Design

The final design was plugged in and linked to the locations of the company partners across the country.

Homepage design
About Us design
Contact final design
Services design

Final Thoughts

The company attended an international event for its expansion and presented their new identity. They managed to sign new clients and are successful in their expansion plans.


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