Hi, I‘m Carmin

May 30, 2020 · 2 min read

I work for a Venture Builder as the head of product and live in the Middle-East.

I love psychology and beautifully designed things. I like to work on products that people interact with daily and help improve their lives.

My passion for 3d concepts, 4-dimensional thinking, patterns, circulation paths, socio-economic impact in a community and sketches in architecture has now translated into product vision and strategy, studying user actions, improving user experience, and helping founders translate their story into a product, articulate a clear goal and keep working towards it.

I focus on creating products that can evolve with future business needs, identify and prioritize themes, define use cases, user interaction, features and use flows, and conduct behavioral analysis. I lead a team to define all elements for product launch and iterations.

I have experience with websites and mobile apps, have been working in product for over 7 years, and currently working on multiple products in different industries. I have created products for companies from different countries and have a good understanding of cultural signifiers to help localize the product.

On a daily basis, I use analytic tools to make informed decisions on the next iterations of the product in order to achieve UX KPIs and business KPIs while creating a clear strategy and a transparent experience.


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