IBV — Share the Joy of Sight

Feb 7, 2019 · 3 min read

How to show the value of a nonprofit that makes free reading glasses for children in state care.



2 weeks

Tools Used

Hand Sketches, Illustrator, Muse




UX, UI, Information Architecture, Branding, Marketing strategy


Create the identity and website for IBV (Imparte Bucuria Vederii) — which translates to “Share the Joy of Sight”, a nonprofit organization in Romania that partners with optic stores and distributors to make free glasses for children in state care. All that the users have to do is to shop for their glasses at one of the stores that are partners on this project.

Jobs To Be Done

  • define the product attitude & voice


I was approached by the founder of IBV in order to help with creating the logo for the website. We decided that the best thing was to redo everything with an emphasis on the fact that the customer does not pay anything to participate.

This was the main information that needed to be told in order to differentiate this project from others on the market. No hidden costs, no worries that the contribution will not reach the children, no responsibility, just going to a certain location to do a good deed. Simple, responsibility-free, reward-full.


We found that more than half of the children in state care have acute vision problems, and therefore, have difficulties in school, making their situation even more difficult to overcome, despite of their dreams and goals.


Hi-Fi Design & Live Website

Logo Design
Landing Page view on Mobile & Desktop

Final Thoughts

The new landing page now serves for promoting the concept and creating new partnerships. The future plan is to partner with more optic stores, then promote this inside corporates to get more traction. Once that happens, we will analyze our results and decide on the next steps for the digital product.

The goal is for each neighborhood to have a minimum of 1 optic store where people can go and help a child.


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