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Loyalty Apps

Rewarding loyalty in the Middle East

1 week / basic adaptable UX flow for all apps

4 weeks / Backend

1 week / App Prototype customization

Hand Sketches, XD, Illustrator, After Effects, Google Sheets, Overflow

Mobile, Desktop

UX, UI, Information Architecture, Prototyping, Branding

Creating loyalty apps for different companies in the Middle East region for rewarding their employees and customers. The apps had to be built on a similar structure that is customizable according to their branding and area of focus and allows adaptation of modules as well as specific features and integration with the company data and backend.

The apps are delivered alongside a backend which allows the managing partners to submit new rewards and get in touch with their users. The backend logic and rules also had to be created alongside the different level of privacy and each type of user’s access to backend information and CTAs.

For the mobile apps

  • define product limitations & basic structure that will be adapted
  • define basic UX flow
  • define areas that can be customized and how elements can be adapted to different brands and users
  • define basic modules and features
  • create branded prototypes
  • create mockups and customization of modules and features

For the Backend System

  • define types of users — both internal and external
  • define privacy rules for users
  • define information structure and accessibility for different user types
  • define reward templates & request / approval system
  • define communications system and access

Pearl residents have access to certain services which are exclusive. These services need to be presented in a way that encourages feedback and customization to complete their experience.

The app combines the discount and loyalty models which are then offered to the Pearl residents only and continues to be customized on their behavior.

The questions that had to be answered were:

  • What is living in the Pearl like?
  • Why is it different from other places?
  • What does the Pearl have to offer?
  • what can I do today in the Pearl?
  • How can the Pearl adapt to what I need?

People are generally not only not aware of the services offered by brands, but also do not have the option to give feedback in a proper way.

Home Screen and Outlet Screen details
Splash screen, Welcome screen, Menu screen
Profile screen, Home screen, Reward verification screen

Loyalty is a concept that is taking off in the Middle East and can benefit from the digital growth of the region. The most important part for the companies that do create these types of solutions is to understand that getting communication and feedback from the user’s side is the main thing that they need to focus on.

For a market that is discovering and playing with digital assets, it is crucial to understand the importance of listening to your users and keeping them as the center of your product.



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