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Urban Point

Experience a new country without paying full price.



  • 2016 & 2017 — refine & improve

Tools Used

XD, Invision, UXpin, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects


Mobile, Desktop, Print


UX, UI, Information Architecture, Branding and Product Management.


Urban Point has offers at different places across Qatar, from food to gyms and services for the house. They are accessed on a fixed fee, on a monthly basis and uses a teleco company for the billing system.

Jobs To Be Done

  • For Merchants — get exposure to the right users


I started working with the founders when they were in their MBA in Germany. With combined efforts, the MBA project turned into a company and I was asked to join the team full time.

I identified the main pain points and drop off and recreated the User Journey, redefined the most important User Touch Points, the Information Architecture, the attitude of the product and UI.

Here’s what I did as a product designer and manager:

As a Product Designer I worked on the following:

  • Define the user journey

As a Product Manager I help with:

  • Define the future steps of development from UX point of view as well as helping with prioritizing the development of features from a business point of view


Analyze, understand, prioritize, sketch, prototype, design, refine.

We conducted user interviews which helped us create new types of offers based on the needs of the users. We had dinners with our top users or the ones that stopped using the app to understand their experience.

I understood that the main issues were that users did not find what they were interested in fast enough, thought that the app wasn’t right for them and so missed out on the value that it held. The most important part is to show your users that you care about them.

This became the basis for the 2018 design.

2017 — Refine & Improve

Information Architecture


I worked on creating new modules, redesigning existing ones and creating the flow for the new app builds.

I created the logic for the backend to drive notifications, segmentation and the development of a customized CMS to support daily activities in the company plus its UI design. In 2016 and 2017 I worked on updating and refining the designs of the existing app.

Notifications triggers and screen sketches 2017
Paper sketches & wireframes 2017

Low Fidelity Mockups & Screen Exploration

2017 Redesign

One of the most important points in creating or changing screens for an existing product is maintaining the same style and having a design system. This leads to screen explorations and watching all versions next to each other, to determine the best way to proceed with a design so that it fits the general attitude and guidelines, not only taking the same type of button and placing it in the design.

Screen exploration 2017

Hi-Fi Design & Prototype

2017 Redesign

The design was made at a point where we had a pressing partnership launch coming up, which meant that we couldn’t redesign the entire app to make all the changes, so we had to keep the current structure and adapt it:

  • Emphasize the content and app affordances
App home screen before & after the redesign in 2017
  • Eliminate multiple tabs, create a clean layout, with a clear structure of importance
Food & Drink category screen before & after the redesign in 2017
Website redesign 2017
UI Designs 2017

2018 — New App Concept & Designs

I’m working on engaging the new users, keeping the active users coming back and giving them content that is relevant based on their preferences. I am developing the rules and logic for the backend to show this information, tracking the metrics and developed a new layout for the app that is focused on personalization and communication with the users.

Information Architecture


The new layout starts by asking the user to create their home screen based on their preferences. They can add whatever they are interested in, then remove it at a later time or edit it. They will get recommendations based on this and reminders.

The main part of the home screen will be used for communicating with the users — something that they booked is coming up, an offer is available again, their subscription will expire or any customized notification will appear here.

  • personalize content to each user, based on their personal preferences

Hi-Fi Design & Prototype


New User — Home Screen

The in-app journey starts with the personalization of the home screen. The user invests time in creating this based on what they love and want to see, thus investing time and creating ownership. It also gives great insight into what is actually relevant to them.

The offers are clear and have the basic information. The design offers the possibility for the user to save the offer for later, focusing on users that are not at the specific venue at that time. They can create an itinerary for the week and use the app every day.

Customized home screens will show notifications at the top. This helps communicating clearly to the user and inviting them to do certain actions, or just reminding them of benefits.

Users can also remove or add sections, whether recommended by the app, based on their usage, or added manually.

Customized Home Screens

The app can be used to also pay for the full bill and the offers can be applied to the bill to be discounted. The payment is made with the credit card.

Payment Screens & Offer Screen

Product Attitude

The entire brand identity has been changed to match the principles of transparency and content first. I’ve helped with creating email templates, flyers, banners, roll ups, other print materials, templates for social media posts and the brand guidelines.

My main focus is on personalizing and displaying the right content to the right users. This means focusing on retention above all other aspects and helping the company develop in this directions, making its shift from acquisition.

Final Thoughts

The 2018 app design was not implemented because the funds had to be used for other developments. It is still pending. It allows the user to have a one stop solution for all their needs as expats — find new places, be reminded of nice experiences, win back some time and money by using the offers on the app and having a personal assistant to help them plan their life around Qatar. Plus, it offers the option to pay and apply discounts from the same app, linked with their credit card.

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