5 reasons you should hire me to present your product to potential licensees.

Hey Linkedin Connects,

Here’s 5 reasons… Not the only 5 ;)

Reason 1. If you’re going to pay someone to represent your product they should be completely transparent about the process and what exactly you’re paying for. This has been a huge issue in the invention space for a long time. Dirty invention promotion firms took advantage of the uninformed, made huge promises and charged big for services the inventor never needed. Worst part is — countless great ideas died like this because they were never given a fair chance.

Reason 2. I know who to find within a company and I know what it takes to get their attention. Can you do this? 100%… Most of my fellow inventors who reach out to me — simply don’t want to take the time week after week to achieve the desired results so instead they outsource this part to a trusted individual like myself :)

Reason 3. You can hire someone else. They have more experience than me. More success than me. They cost 10x more than me. I’ll still do a better job ;) . The product sells itself. The marketing material sells itself. I don’t sell it and neither will anyone else you hire. The product and its benefits sell itself. You hire me to simply get it to point B. I’ll put it in front of the 20–30 companies. I have existing relationships but I also will create new ones. I find the right people, within the right companies and give it every chance I can. Most will go to their set 5–10 different contacts and if no one’s interested they move on.

Reason 4. I’m not going to be representing your products forever. Get me well you can. Or am I? Either way, the time is now. 2017 is almost over and I’m looking to license multiple products by end of year. It’s a personal goal. Will yours be one of them?

Reason 5. FREE product evaluation. If your product is on the market or I truly feel I can’t do anything with it — I’m going to tell you. Most companies charge hundreds to simply evaluate your product. After our initial phone call, I do it for free. I’m not going to sell you on some get rich quick dream. If I can help — I will help. I won’t waste your money and my time for a product that IN MY OPINION won’t go anywhere.

Thanks for reading ❤


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