Londoners vow to stick together after they collectively imagine horrific Oxford Street attack

Londoners this evening are in a sombre mood following an attack by their own imagination but are vowing to “keep calm and carry on” so the bastards don’t win.

Local political leaders and religious groups were quick to take to twitter to stop any potential backlash against imagination and it’s followers. “Not all imaginings are bad. Most imaginings are productive and contributing members of society that make up the rich fabric of British life.”

The imagination has brought about much happiness and joy for mankind but some extremist offshoots such as hysteria and fear have lead to some of humanity’s darkest moments. Most readers will be familiar with imagination’s power to play a trick in the night. But this latest incident marks an evolution in the tactics and severity employed by imagination extremists as they seek to divide and conquer British public opinion.

Keith Smith, 52, taxi driver said:

“I think, we should just send them all out that country” said “The whole lot of them. Anyone with an idea. Artists, musicians, writers, comedians. All of them, get them out. I’ve never had an original thought in my entire life and I’m proud of that. Look what it leads to. Anyone with an imagination is a disgrace to the British way of life.”

Carnage Daily can conclusively prove however that Keith Smith is wrong and a complete twat with one video: